20 Makeup Hacks you should know.

You don't need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get flawless makeup. There are a variety of little tricks you may adopt to make applying makeup easier and to ensure that you always get the desired look.

By Meera
July 30, 2021
20 Makeup Hacks you should know.

You don't need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get flawless makeup. There are a variety of little tricks you may adopt to make applying makeup easier and to ensure that you always get the desired look. The top 20 makeup hacks that will alter your life are as follows:

1. Make sure your lashes are powdered.

What's the secret to bigger, fluffier lashes? A little amount of translucent powder. Dust your lashes with a little layer of loose powder after your initial coat of mascara to give them more volume and make them appear fuller. You'll notice a change if you apply a second layer of mascara to conceal the dustiness.

2. Apply concealer in a triangle.

Instead of putting concealer beneath your eyes, apply it in an upside-down triangle to lighten any dark circles and bring attention to your pupils.

3. Learn how to use eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes.

Because everyone's eyes are unique, each person's eyeliner should be applied differently as well. To make your eyes shine out, first determine your eye shape (hooded eyes, downturned eyes, monolid eyes, or round eyes), then learn the finest eyeliner to use and how to apply it correctly.

4. Make your eyes look bigger.

Instead of sweeping your mascara upwards, sweep it towards your nose. This will make your lashes appear thicker. It will also make your eyes appear larger.

5. Make your eyeshadow pop with white eyeliner.

Use this method if you truly want your eye makeup colour to stand out. Apply white eyeliner to your upper and lower eyelids. Then, using your favourite shadow, apply it. The white will assist to bring the colour out more.

6. With Just a Pencil, Create Winged Eyeliner.

With the eyeliner, create a cat-eye. Then, using the liner, fill in the gaps. You'll always have the ideal wing.

7. With a Spoon, Make Perfect Winged Eyeliner.

You simply need one basic household object to achieve that coveted winged effect: a spoon. Start with a cat-eye look, then place the rounded side of the spoon on your eyelid and slide it outwards to produce the wings effect.

8. Mascara Brushes Can Be Reused.

Every now and again, you come across a mascara brush that you truly enjoy. When the mascara is gone, you don't have to toss it away. Remove it and replace it with different types of mascara.

9. Makeup for Smoky Eyes That Isn't Too Difficult.

Make a slanted hashtag with your eyeliner at the outer corner of each eye. It should be blended in with the rest of your eyeshadow. You can get a smokey look without putting forth a lot of effort.

10. Make your clumpy mascara seem new again.

If your favourite bottle of mascara is starting to clump, put a few drops of saline solution into your brush and swirl it around – this will give moisture to the formula and increase the shelf life of the mascara.

11. Easy Eyelash Glue Application.

It's difficult to apply eyelash glue. Put the adhesive to a bobby pin to make it simpler. For a more uniform and faster application, use the point of the bobby pin to apply the glue.

12. How to Make Lipstick Last Longer.

This time-honored method actually works. Apply a layer of lipstick on your lips, then wipe away the excess with a tissue. To make the colour set and last longer, dust translucent powder on top.

13. Make Your Own Lip Gloss.

Don't toss out your shattered eye shadows. Make lip gloss out of them instead. Make any colour lip gloss by crushing the eye makeup into powder and mixing it with petroleum jelly.

14. Natural Contouring.

It might be tough to know where to apply contouring blush or bronzer. Use your eyeliner pencil or even a cosmetic brush handle for a quick fix. To obtain the proper angle, place the straight edge precisely behind your cheekbone.

15. How to Make a Perfect Cupid's Bow.

Draw a "X" on your top lip with your lip liner (the same colour as your lipstick). Using the "X" as a reference, apply your lipstick. You'll have the perfect pout in no time.

16. Cover-Up Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles.

Don't bother with concealer dots. Instead, make a triangle with it, starting at your lash line and ending at the bottom of your cheek. This will cover any redness under your eyes and brighten your entire face.

17. No More Lipstick on Your Teeth.

Put your finger in your mouth after applying lipstick. Pull your finger out of your mouth by closing your lips around it. The lipstick will end up on your finger rather than your teeth.

18. No Mascara on the Upper Eyelids Anymore.

This hack requires the use of a spoon. While applying mascara, keep the rounded portion against your upper eyelids. Excess mascara will end up on the spoon rather than on your eyes.

19. Curl Your Lashes More Effortlessly.

Heat your eyelash curler using your hairdryer. Allow it to cool somewhat before using as usual. The curl will be established by the heat, allowing it to linger longer.

20. Plump Up Your Lashes.

Don't waste your money on lash-plumping mascaras. Instead, between applications, sprinkle some transparent powder on your lashes. Your lashes will appear considerably fuller as a result of this.

Wrapping up

We've collected together the finest tips and tactics suggested by makeup experts and cosmetic junkies alike, from tried-and-true beauty insider secrets to the makeup techniques celebrities depend on. Whether you're seeking to address common makeup issues like creasing, smearing, or fading, or just want to switch up your appearance, these are the greatest beauty hacks you should try right now.